Organizing 6x6 Paper Pads

Hello friends & welcome visitors,

I haven't felt like making projects lately but I do need to keep busy so I am cleaning and organizing my craft room.

My little neighbor that crafts with me a lot always teases me about how everything in my craft room is labeled...I have to label everything, it is the only way I can find anything,  

Here is my latest organizing/labeling project

Here are my 6x6 paper pads.  I bought the wire baskets at Michael's

I have two wire baskets like this, each one holds about  thirty five  6x6 pads of paper.  Here is a closeup of the label in case you want to purchase the same baskets.

 I made the dividers using Silhouette Tabbed Folder File Set Two.

Note that I wrote the measurements on the back of the divider so that I could make more as needed.

I am working on adding a pocket to the back of these paper pads so that I can store scraps of paper there.

Once again, I wrote the measurements so that I will not have to measure again.  I used Silhouette's Library Pocket to make the back storage pocket.

So this is how I am keeping myself busy, come back for another installment.  



  1. Great idea! I haven't so much papers, but I think it's a fab way to storage them!

  2. What a great idea to add a pocket to the back of your paper pads for scraps!

  3. I just did a makeover in my craft space, and I got rid of so much stuff that I hoarded and why I bought them in the first place that is still questionable on my part, LOL! But I found happy homes for lots of paper pads and odd n ends and made them all happy. Great idea on this basket...

  4. I love the basket idea!!! Super fun!!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  5. Great idea - thanks for sharing :D, I do not have many 6x6 paper pads, but they need organization like yours :D, I really like idea to make pockets where scraps can be store :)

  6. What a great idea this is, Chriss!! I love the wire baskets!! I use plastic tubs...not nearly as pretty!! Have a great evening my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Great system! Mine are in plastic bins from the dollar store. I haven't got pockets on all of them yet. Baby steps! Hope you're doing okay... so sorry for your loss.


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