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I Created A Holder For My Pins
Hi Ladies,

Okay, I think that this is a brand new idea that I came up with.  But, you know I wonder around the blogs all day, so if you have seen this somewhere else, please tell me.  I created a holder for my pins.  I am the type of person that has to see things to remember to use them.

Here is what you will need to make this:

A block of Dry Floral Foam (you will see why I chose this size later)
A piece of cardboard (for bottom)
2 strips of paper cut about 2 inches longer than the (long) sides
2 strips of paper cut the same size as the ends (short sides)
Some good glue
Words (if you like) I use "My Pins" Cut with Cricut Cursive 101

1.  Glue the piece of cardboard to the bottom of the foam.

Use your score pal or other scorer to make the ends of your long sides nice and crisp so they will fold around the edges of the foam.

(Sorry these pictures have shadows can you tell I took them at night?)

3.  Glue your long strips to the foam.

4.  Glue you short strips to the foam

5.  Add you wording.

6.  Add some embellishments if you like.

I just poked a hole with my cricut tool and pushed these brads through the hole.

Now you see why I made it the length that I did, I already had a place picked out for it!

Thank you for stopping by today.  I don't mind at all (I would be flattered) if you use this tutorial or even improve on it.  But if you post it on your blog, please say that you got the idea from me and post a link back to my blog.  Thanks!



Dying Paper With Tea Bags:
Put about 10 tea bags into a dish with boiling water (I use Lipton but any strong brand will do).  Let it steep until it is luke warm.  Then wring the tea bags out with your hands to get out all the tea goodness.

Here is the digi I colored with copic markers before it was dyed.
So I placed the digi & the piece of paper I wanted to use into the tea.

I left it in there for about 5 minutes.

Then took it out and dried it on a paper towel.  As you can see, the colors faded, but very nicely!
Then, because I didn't want to waste the tea I drank it! NO, NO, NO, NO I didn't drink it!  I can see ya'll laying up in the emergency room saying "but Chriss told me to drink it" I'm just kidding!
....I decided to dye some tags....
I bought these at Michael's after Christmas, I think they were a dollar each.
I left these around 15 minutes and you could even let them go longer.
Here they are drying on the paper towels.
Well that was my very first tutorial on my new blog.  I hope you enjoyed it and learned something from it.  Hugs!  Chriss