My Craft Room

My Craft Room

I purchased this Ikea table, chair, file cabinet & the big cabinet from e-bay for $250.00

Some of you may remember when I decorated this room with Hello Kitty.  I got tired of that and decided to go with a more adult theme.  My colors are pink & black with a splash of green.  The boxes, bags & switch plates are black Baroque or Damask.

This is my printer table (Jet Max Cubes & counter top that my brother-in-law cut for me) it holds my Canon PIXMA printer & my cut n' boss.  The papers down below are seasonal papers.

Here are the shelves over the printer, they hold my dies, embossing envelopes & finished cards.

I like shelves.  I like to be able to see my stuff!  These shelves hold my mixed media.

This is my favorite part of my craft room.  My husband took the doors off the closet and put in shelves from the Container Store.  Look at how much room I have!  I love it!  My little neighbor laughs at me because I label everything!

Over here is my rolling computer table.  As you can see, it holds my computer and my Silhouette Cameo.  I discovered that my crafts look better when I make them from a standing position.  I can view the entire project on my table and work from there.

These are my Recollections Storage Cabinets.  I bought them half price at Michael's.  Look!  There is actually space on them!

Some of you may remember this magnetic bulletin board from before.  It kept peeling paint where the magnets had been so my husband got me this appliance paint and my BFF Trish & I put the baroque/damask stencils on it.  The pegboard next to it holds my calendar, stencils and the owl hoops that someone made for me.  One came at Christmas, another at Valentine's day the are from "my secret pal" and I still do not know who my secret pal is?  If it is you, thank you, thank you!  Every time I look at them I smile.

Over the door shoe rack where I store my punches.

This is what I call Baraque.  I try to put little touches of it all over the craft room.

To read about how I organize my Copic Markers, please go HERE.

How I organize my 6x6 Paper pads.  To read more about it, please go HERE.

The birthday crown my gal pal Lisa made me!

The "C" I made for my scrapbook room - It really is hot pink, with the wand Lisa made me for my birthday ~ thank you Lisa, every time I see it I think of you!I made this Valance out of the card that my blogging buddies have sent me.  When my mojo goes away, I look at them for inspiration.

Here is a pocket postcard holder that I converted to hold flowers and flair.  To see more about this, please go Here.

Yikes!  How did this writing get so big?  It won't change back...sigh..anyway here is my puppy Duncan enjoying himself in my craft room.

Wow!  You made it all the way to the end?  Well here I am sitting in my craft room, thinking about all of my lovely followers and wondering what you are up to today?  Leave me a comment!  I love to hear from you!  Hugs!


  1. wow what a good deal on your desk love your craft room looks great, i love looking at scraprooms its neat to see where people create

  2. Fab room, really neat i love it . Hugs trisha x

  3. Chriss your craftroom is awesome, I would love something like this. All I have is a small bedroom that I turned into a craftroom but to be honest it is way to small.

    Michelle E x

  4. Chriss great crafting space. I love the valance over the window, what a great idea for inspiration moments and a great display! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Fabulous room - so well organised - love all the storage space and great idea for the Stickles. Thanks for stopping by today :-) Have a great weekend.

  6. What a sweet poem! Love your ideas in your craft room but most of all, the valance is AWESOME..I must pin that idea if you don't mind?
    Creative Wishes
    Claire S

  7. Awesome crafty space! I love that cabinet you found on ebay! Thanks for sharing with us at HIMCR!

    Hiding in My Craft Room

  8. Congrats for your craft room organization!!
    The shoe bag hangs on the door is a great idea!!! I'haven't many punches, but I'will remember for the future!

  9. What a great way to store your clear stamps, in binders! I am starting to pile up more tools and stamps and am trying to figure out ways to store them so I can find what I need. They are in baskets right now but I can never the one that I want!

  10. I can't think of anything to say other than I am in awe!!! You are the epitome of Right/Left Brain (like me). You are an "Organized Artist." Every little thing has its place (when you're not creating). But WATCH OUT when you're in the middle of a masterpiece. Papers all over the floor, pens/pencil flying all over the place, paints all over my shirt !!! Where's my cat??? Seriously, I do like your blog page. Maybe I should do one. I have that FB page, but I haven't gone in it in awhile. Plus, there are no "pages" like this. This is something like a webpage.. Me likeeee!!! ~ Pippi (Trisha Paniczko)

  11. Very organized Chriss, love how many stuff you have for your crafting..... Gee Duncan is such a big boy now, so cute. Okay Queen hope all is well - enjoy your rest of the week!

  12. I love your craftroom!! Love all of your crafty stuff!!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  13. ooooh. so clean and organized. well done. enjoy! :)

  14. Wow!!! I LOVE it! So organized and everything has it's special place. Makes crafting so much nice I'm sure. Great desk!

  15. I love your room! I bet you'll create lots!!

  16. Awesome pics of your fantastic craft room! It looks amazing and so organized~I am so glad I did a makeover, it forced me to get rid of some stuff and I am so much better organized!
    Great job Chriss, looks super nice!
    Have a great wknd!
    Sherrie K

  17. I love your organization tips! I need to implement some of these ideas! Please visit me and let me know what you think of my page:
    Hugs, fellow crafter, Paintsandglitter

  18. Seen your name on Facebook and always curious to see challenge blog participants and challenges. And love to look at everyone's space and yours is very organized. Mine, could be, but boy can I create a mess just creating one card especially with the Coffee Lover's Blog going on. Hope to see you there.

  19. Dear Chriss
    What a lovely craft room. I have a room at the moment where i work craft and sleep too and it is fairly organised but since i am mobile between Sri Lanka and New Zealand my bags are packed to leave. So most of the stuff are in containers i can take. Sometimes when i go to craft i realise that is in the other place. Lol. This time i am labelling every container and recently i saw a pouch hand sewn which can hld all my tools and i am getting ready to make one for my self and so that i can spread it use it and fold it away. Isnt it a good idea. All teh nbest for Christmas and may you and your family have a2020 filled with gd health and happiness.


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