Hi, Everyone,

For some of you, this will be just information "overload," but, for other, less active of my friends, this just might be news--and a wonderful time to get reacquainted with your scrap table!

As one of the 50 international host blogs, I am gearing up now for the upcoming Let's Scrap (http://letsscrap.ning.com/) "Leap Around the World" February blog hop!! This fun event will start at 10:00am on February 1 and end on February 29th at 11:59pm according to the main page clock on the Let's Scrap website (your clock may vary, so check the time difference).

I would love it if you joined me for my very first big hop! There are several things you can do RIGHT NOW to be prepared:
Make sure you are signed up as a follower on my blog.   In addition, it's convenient to subscribe via e-mail so that you will never miss one of my blog posts! ;-)
Find all those scraps of paper you have been setting aside for the last 5 years. You will need them because the blog hop is all about making CARDS!
Clean off your scrap table and put the pizza delivery number on speed dial!
Oh, wait, scratch the pizza delivery comment...you have all month to hop!!

OK, a few more details. You did read correctly: there are 50 blog hosts! Once you have joined Let's Scrap, at each blog, you will get two chances to win some blog candy (aka: booty, prizes)! Do the math! You will have 100 chances to win free stuff...and good stuff, too! This is also the perfect opportunity to restock your card stash! The first chance comes when you join/follow each blog and leave a comment. The second chance comes when you use the card sketch on each blog to create a card, layout or other project based upon the card sketch appearing on each blog--they are all different! You then must post your creation in the Let's Scrap website gallery, then go back to each blog and leave a second comment linking back to your gallery post. Don't be overwhelmed...you are doing only one card at a time! Our hope is that you will visit every blog, but, remember, you have the whole month of February to do this.

N.B. A few folks are experiencing some difficulty leaving comments on some blogs, so, to be sure you are able to do so without difficulty, be sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox as your search engine. Internet Explorer (IE) does not always "play nice" with Bloggers! If you would like to test out my blog for compatibility with your search engine ahead of time, just post a comment there. Just comment "TEST" and I will know what you up to! ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you "at the hop."


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  1. Thanks for following me and now I am following you. Hope you stop by the 27th and 28th for my blogaversary blog hop.


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