Happy Birthday Ma!

Hi Everybody,
I am taking over the blog so that Ma can enjoy her birthday weekend.  I LOVE birthdays!  I Love cake and ice cream!  

Here is a picture of me on my first birthday with my Pa!  I was just a kid then and boy was I bad!

It took awhile for Ma & Pa to teach me how to be a good boy but now I am "the best boy in the whole world" that is what Ma & Pa say, Ma says I am "a perfect gentleman" well, I try to be, most of the time.  But when I see a squirrel I just gotta chase it!  So I wanted to show you what I got Ma for her birthday, her own signature for the bottom of her blog!  Think she will be surprised?  I hope so!  See you all again soon, Your Buddy, Louie


  1. Woooohoooooo! Hey Louie, good to see you here! Just wish your mommy a very happy birthday and just tell her that if I lived closer I would pop by!

  2. Gotta love 'em doggies!

    Be Blessed,Beckie

  3. Lou, that is a great present! Tell your ma Happy Birthday :)

  4. This post made me smile Lou! You look great in your birthday hat and I really like the present you gave your Ma! Tell her I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)Amy

  5. What a great birthday present. You did a wonderful job. Happy birthday to your ma!!


  6. Lou -- you did a FABULOUS job!!
    Hugs and wet kisses, Judy


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― George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows