Copic Craze!

I am so excited!  For my birthday, my hubby signed me up for a class called Copic Craze!  It is a 3 week immersion class learning all about using Copics!  Whoo Hoo!

I am so excited!  It cost $35.00, anyone want to join me?  I think that my copic coloring is ok, but my shading could be better.  I haven't taken an art class since Jr. High School, so I am really excited!  Hugs, Chriss


  1. I wish I could come to play hun...just a tad to far for

    have a super time...and have a lovely weekend too....hugs Vicky xx

  2. Hi Christina,
    First thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the stamp set was from Scrappy Mom Stamps called "A Haunting We Will Go'. Here is the link
    Secondly, My husband wouldn't even know what a Copic was let alone set me up for a class..can you say JEALOUS!!

  3. I would LOVE to join and learn Copics. I am "committed" (so far) to learn copics next year at our lss!! new follower as well.. Thanks for stopping by my blog and making an awesome comment! we menopausal chics gotta stick together LOL Hope you participate in the Love to crop Fall colors challenge at Doris
    guest designer for FALL colors -Love to Crop

  4. What a great guy he is! I sure could use a class like this! I hope you enjoy it----I know you will! Can't wait to see your results!


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