Some RAK from a friend!

Hello My Friends and Welcome Visitors,

I received a package in the mail yesterday...I LOVE unexpected packages!  It was from my blogging buddy Diana at D.L Art she sent me some RAK (random act of kindness) and it surely did brighten my day!

It is a card and a little owl timer!  This is what is so strange...I was complaining to my husband that I am spending WAY too much time on Facebook...I am addicted.  He suggested that I get a timer, set it, and only stay on face book until the timer goes off!  Isn't it strange that Diana sent me exactly what I needed?  She also told me that "I could use the card" send it to someone else! way!  Someday I will be telling people when you are famous.."yes, that is an original Diana Larson." 

This is where your card is going to stay.

Now, you know I have to pass this kindness on.  I have a bloggy friend in mind.  She has been dealing with a lot of family stress and I know a surprise is just what she needs!  Diana, I saved your RAK box and I will send it to her in that.

Thanks for stopping by my friends!  I hope you are having a happy weekend! 


A Card For My Sister

Hello my Friends!  Welcome Visitors,

The next few weeks we enter a period of time where my sister Cathy and I are the same age.  In my big family of 14 children; we are only eleven months apart in age.  We both have a memory of swinging on a teeter-totter on the swing set and singing "I'm two and you're two and we're both two."  Um now the song would start I'm 56 and your 56...not as fun.

When I was about ten years old; I overheard my mom telling a neighbor that she was really enjoying raising "these two girls".  She was talking about me & Cathy.  It seemed like such a strange thing to say since she had seven children before we were born.  I asked her about it later and she said that she was always under pressure to have boys.  Now she had two boys, she could relax and enjoy her little girls.  When I look back it seems that we were very pleasant little girls to raise.  We had a huge fantasy life.  We could start playing with our dolls and in minutes have the entire "fantasy doll world planned out" and then go play it for hours.  We played "house", we both were voracious (and still are) readers.  We would go for these really long bike rides. We kept our parts of the room clean, we were tidy and kept our things tidy.  We were just two little girls that never seemed to get bored.

So here is my card for Cathy.  I saw this digital stamp on A Day For Daises months ago.  I got it and colored it months ago.  Sadly, I didn't make it into a card then...I didn't know I would be swept up into all of these health problems that will now make me have to send this card late.

I wanted the card to have a very soft "olden times" look.  I tore the paper so that it looks like torn wallpaper.  I added lace from 3girljam and a crochet flower.  

Here is a close-up of the digital stamp.

I don't know if you can tell in the close up that I embossed the paper to make it look even older. I chalked around the edges to make it soft and I added some skittles for fun.  I really enjoyed making this card and remembering all those long ago days with my sister.  Happy Birthday Cathy!  I hope one day we sing...I'm 92 and you're 92....

I am entering this card into the following challenges: - Happy Birthday

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I appreciate all of your comments!


Whoo has School?

Hello My Friends and Welcome Visitors,

Here is a first day of school card I made for a little friend.

This was very fun to make.  The owl svg file actually came with eyes, but I drew them on with copic markers because all owls look woogy eyed to me and my little gal pal giggles when I draw them that way.

I am entering this card into the following challenges - Anything Goes - Back To School - Back To School

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I appreciate all of your comments!


A Surprise for Me; A Prize for You!

Good Morning my Friends & Welcome Visitors!

One of my best blogging friends is Shirl from Creations By Shirl.  We became friends years ago and we have always kept in touch with each other.  I just love her work.  When she saw that I was decorating my office in owls; she sent me this adorable owl calendar.  I knew that she was looking for a Hello Kitty Cricut Cartridge, so I sent her one.  I came home from getting a Cortisone Injection in my neck on Friday to this wonderful surprise gift box from Shirl!

It is a melange of candies, syrups & nuts that you can only find in Hawaii, and some fun scrapbooking items, plus a handmade tissue holder.  Thank you so much Shirl, I love it!  I can't wait to serve exotic food at my next party!  My husband is having a fit over the mustard (he collects mustards...sigh).

So my husband had this brilliant idea; he thinks it would be so fun for me to trade my Cricut Cartridges for fun gift packages.  I have all of my "carts" loaded on to my Gypsy.  I collect, owls, Hello Kitty, beach and of course anything scrapbook that is new and fun!  I also love food that can be served at parties from different areas of the world.  What do you think?  If you have been looking for a Cricut Cart and would like to trade, let me know!

Okay, it is now time to pick a winner of the button maker!  Who will Mr. pick?  The winner is......Diana Larson!  Wooo Hooo....congrats my friend.  Please hit the contact me button at the top of my blog and send me your address!

My friend Shirl just sent me a message and asked me to list my Cricut Cartridges, okay here we go, are you ready?  They are in no particular order -

Life is a Beach

Create A Critter
Everyday Paper Dolls
Paper Doll Dress Up
Paper Pups
Accent Essentials
Animal Kingdom
April Showers
A Child's Year
Going Places - Gone - Patty
Cursive 101 - Gone - Patty
Nifty Fifties - Gone - Carri AKA A Busy Bee!
Animal Kingdom
Plantin Schoolbook
George and Basic Shapes
Stretch Your Imagination
Scandinavian Christmas Cards
Pretty Pennants - Gone - Patty
Ribbons & Rosettes
Sweet Tooth Boxes
Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2
Flower Shoppe
Fabulous Finds
Father's Day
From My Kitchen
Best Images of 2010 - Gone - Patty
Love You Latte - Gone - Patty
Happy Haunting
October 31st - Gone - Patty
Mickey & Friends
Independence Day
Winter Woodland
Summer Vacation - Gone- Patty
Home Decor

Please keep in mind that these have been uploaded to my gypsy so they can not be uploaded again (Shirl your Hello Kitty wasn't) I will barter or if you would like to offer money you can contact me at

I would also like to say Happy Birthday to my sister Cathy and my sis-in-law Denise your cards will be posted later this week!