Prize Winner & Connie Can Crop!

Good Morning My Friends and Welcome Visitors,

Today is the very first day of Connie Can Crop 

This is where I tell you about interesting things that I have found on YouTube that I would like to share and (sometimes) I will share my own YouTube video with you.

Today, I would like to share a video on how to make a Duct Tape Wallet.  I thought this would be a fun thing to make with your child now that school is out.

Duct Tape Wallet by Colour Raindrops

If you love the wallet but do not feel like making it yourself.  You can buy them from Connie Can Crop  on here E bay page HERE (put duct tape bi-fold wallet in the search and you can see them all) or on her Esty page HERE.  She has some really cute Hello Kitty, Cherries, Zebra, Pirate, Mustache lots that you will like.
Now on to the winner of the Facebook prize!  Thank you so much to all of you that joined in! If you did not win, keep reading I am having a quick prize drawing today.

Mr. Random. org says - #14 - Sherrie Butcher - Sherrie, please contact me by hitting the button on the top that says "contact me" send me your address and I will send you a prize!

As some of you know, I am on vacation right now.  Let's have a quick give-away.  Go to Connie Can Crop and leave me a message there today (Tuesday July 6th) and I will choose from all of the comments and send someone a here is the question would you like a souvenir from my vacation at Chincoteaque Island, VA, USA or something to Scrap with?

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I look forward to reading your comments over at Connie Can Crop.


  1. My daughter loves to make these wallets! Have fun on vacation! I like things to scrap with!

  2. Great idea! Can't wait to see what other videos you pick!

  3. getting fancy on me with the videos. lol great video

  4. Congrats Sherrie. Have a great vacation Chriss

  5. Congrats Sherrie. Have a great vacation Chriss


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