No Good Very Bad Vacation!

Hello My Friends,

Well, the vacation that I have been waiting for since February has finally arrived.  On the 2nd day, I sprained my foot.  On the 3rd day (because my husband has to do everything I do only better) my husband BROKE his foot!  Ow!

So here I sit, watching my husband and dog sleep....but....

See that Quick Quotes bag next to my hubby's head?  Luckily that is full of crafts that I have never had time to do at home.  So today, I will be listening to YouTube Lessons and learning how to make something new..



  1. Awww Chriss! That's terrible news! I hope you both feel better soon!

  2. Oh Chriss! I'm so sorry to hear this! Hope you both are bouncing back soon. Not a fun vacation but know you'll make the best of it! Hugs to both of you.

  3. so sorry! at least you will get to rest!


  4. Sorry for you...! I wish you feel better soon!

  5. Oh my friend, I am so sorry!! I hope you are both feeling much better soon!! Ouch!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. OmGosh, I hope you both get better soon... it must look cute though two hop along moving about everywhere.... That Louie is one spoiled baby.... woof woof Louie...Take Care!

  7. WOW! What a way to start of the vacation! At least you know this is a vacation you'll remember forever!!! LOL Hope you & the hubby get to feeling better! :)

    Scrappers Anonymous

  8. You are really looking on the bright side. Enjoy the crafting projects and heal up good

  9. You are really looking on the bright side. Enjoy the crafting projects and heal up good

  10. What a great way to start vacation. Hope you are both able to get around - or send out for help.
    take care.

  11. Oh my goodness, that's almost unbelievable that you both injured a foot! It reminds me a friend who bought a time share in Mexico only to find out that she is allergic to strong sunshine once she got down there!! I do hope you have a nice deck or balcony where you and your hubby can sit and relax with a cool drink at least. Good thing you thought to bring craft goodies so you have something to keep you busy. I always bring a craft project or two on vacation for the down times. Hugs to you.

  12. so sorry to hear this...I hope you both get better soon..
    Sending you both hugs & smiles
    Have a wonderful day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  13. I am so sorry This does not sound like fun. I hope you to recoup real soon. Big hugs and lots of prayers.

  14. Oh NO... how awful :-( Typical man though - always have to go one better !!!!! Hope you recover soon.

    IKE xxx


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