New Space In My Craft Room

Hello Friends & Welcome Visitors!

Warning, Warning, Warning!  This blog is going to be very picture heavy!  So get your coffee or tea and settle back for a long look...or go on to the next blog!

As a lot of you know; I have had Shingles since September 9th.  I was very thrilled yesterday because my doctor told me "it was one of the worst cases he has every seen in a person so young."  Well...I didn't care that he said it was one of the worst cases, I was just so happy he said I was young! LOL!  

Anyway, my poor husband has just felt so helpless;there is really nothing he can do for me, I just have to wait to get better so he decided to build me a new craft closet.  So everything has been moved around in my craft room and I want to show it to you.

Here is my new closet!

Look how big & clean the room looks!

Wow!  Empty shelf space!  I have my jars of washi tape, twine & skittles.  I put a Halloween Album my friend Rhonda made me and a Witches hat I made last year on there.  But, I actually have empty space for projects!

This is what is below that shelf.  Notice all the Twine it up Twine!  I'm addicted to the stuff.

I got a Cut n' Boss for my birthday.  I have only used it twice but so far I love it.  On the shelf above are my dies.  I keep them in photo boxes.

The shelf above my embosser.  I really could make some room here too.

I have one tray for each of my Design Teams, I keep schedules, sketches, etc.  See through the window that house across the street?  It is haunted!  Just thought I would tell you that since Halloween is near.

This is the space under my desk, I keep my photos and my Copic Markers here.  Notice the two Hello Kitty lunch boxes?  I keep my glue in one and my tape in the other.

I have to work on cleaning these shelves up next.

This is an up close look at the shelf.  See the mishmah of stamp pads?  Does anyone have a suggestion of how I could better store them?  If you do; please let me know!

Well that was the tour of my craft room.  If you would like to see how it used to look; go up and click on "My Craft Room" at the top of the page; I haven't updated it yet.  Please notice that my Cricut is gone....I sold it on e-bay...I haven't used it in over a year.  I love my Cameo Silhouette and use it almost every day; so the Cricut had to go.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all of your comments.



  1. Awesome Chriss!!! You will be the envy of everyone who sees this post!!

  2. Your craft room is AMAZING! I love it! And of course a little Hello Kitty doesn't hurt! Thank you for sharing - your hubby did a great job on that craft closet! He's a keeper! Hope you get better soon!

  3. oh wow super great. You got a good hubby. I mailed your late bday present today so look for it. hugs

  4. Wow, I'm a bit jealous bawah wah wah!!!!. love it my friend your crafty space looks awesome and girlfriend you sure have tons of stuff. I'm so happy, it's like you a mini craft store going on...... Take care hope those shingle dingles disappear soon.

  5. WOW!! I wish I had that room. I have a little space in my room.
    It looks Awesome!! I could just play all day & night in your craft room!
    Special shout out to your hubby for doing an AWESOME job!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  6. Your craft room looks amazing, Chriss!! Your hubby is so sweet to have done that for you!! What a fabulous space to create in!! Hope you are feeling better every day!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Wow, what a sweet hubby!Your space is amazing and so organized! I bet you LOVE it! So sorry that you are dealing with shingles...that can be miserable...hang in there. i hope you get feeling better really soon!
    Sherrie K

  8. very nice! very good idea of keeping a shelf for each design team. I keep my stamp pads in an old cassette holder hanging on the wall, but I have 82 stamp pads! You might not need something that big, but something that holds cassettes from the thrift store might work! also there is a little black metal stand at Hobby Lobby that has about 3 or 4 shelves that holds 3 ink pads per about 10-12 stamp pads. I think it is $10 but you can use a 40% off coupon. I have two of those for just my white, black and brown stamp pads. Hope that gives you some ideas! and store them upside down to keep them juicy!

  9. WOW! Chriss your space looks awesome!! I should do an update of mine since my Hubby installed an island for me! Carri~Abusybee

  10. I love it. Nice Doctor- positive thoughts- Did he say how much longer you will have to deal with it does it go away on its own? I am so sorry to hear you have this.
    you could enter your craft space in my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes October Linky Party. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  11. oh I forgot to say thanks for stopping by and your hus rocks nice job on your craft closet.

  12. Love, love, love your craft room!! Your so lucky, your hubby is just awesome for building you a super closet space. Sorry to hear you have shingles.And you definitely need to keep that doctor. :D (had to giggle when I read that part - Young)
    Hugs your, OSAAT teamie Deborah

  13. Wonderful craft room. I hope you are better soon.

  14. Thanks for sharing your craft space with us! Hope your better soon! I had shingles last year and I'm in my 40's. It's not fun at all!
    Blessings, Kim

  15. Wow you have an amazing craft space, so neat and organised.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}


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