What Can You Do With A Daisy Girl Scout?

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Good Afternoon,

I would like to show you a project I did with my Daisy Girl Scout Troop.  It takes some thinking because these girls are 5 and 6 years old so I have to be careful not to make it too hard for them.

Sorry the lighting is not very good, I must have taken this at night.  So I made up little "Kits" with a body (I stamped the same peachy keen face on to each one and added some rosy cheeks) I glued the tunic & blouse together and glued the daisy to the front of the tunic.  Cut out some pants and shoes.  I cut out lots and lots of different hair styles in all different colors so that each girl could chose the color/style she liked.  The girls glued their girl together and then glued her to a Popsicle stick.  They then went in groups of three and made up a play where they had to have their puppet girl scout help another girl scout.  Oh it was fun!  I really enjoy hanging out with these girls!



  1. really cute and I know the girls loved making them and having such fun. hugs

  2. This is so fun!! What an awesome project for the kids to do!! I bet they had a blast!!

    Hope you are feeling well my friend!! Hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. How fun I bet the girls had a great time.
    DIANA L.

  4. I can just see the precious joy on their faces!! Thank you for loving these girls and for giving them so much joy!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  5. How Fun!!Adorable!Very Sweet!I hope that you are feeling better.
    Have a wonderful weekend,


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