My House Was Struck By Lightening

Hello Friends,

Miss me?  Our house had a lightening strike right next to it Friday night and all of our electronics were fried.  You know those surge protectors you put on everything?  They don't really work when there is a direct strike like that.  I am writing this at Panera Bread on my laptop.  I'll be back as soon as I can.  Please watch the video on the post below this one to find out about my birthday blog hop and the wonderful prizes you can win!



  1. So sorry to hear this happened to you. Thank GOD you and your family are ok. Everything can be fixed or replaced.

    Yes you have been missed. Hurry back to us.

    Hugs Nana
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  2. Chriss, I'm SO sorry to hear that! At least you're ok though!
    I've lost two computers due to lightening out here so anytime I see any type of cloud in the sky I un-plug everything! So frustrating I know.....but like I say - at least you're ok!!

  3. So sorry to hear what happend to you. I hope everything gets back to normal and glad everyone is o.k.


  4. Oh my this is devastating to hear about this... Thank God everyone's alright.... That must of be something to experience... Hope all goes back up smoothly.

  5. Oh no, so sorry to hear everything was fried but at least you guys are okay :D

  6. Oh my goodness!! Glad you are okay!!!

  7. Wow Chriss, thank goodness your house didn't take a direct hit! Hope you are all okay....did Louie freak out?
    Hugs, Renee

  8. OMG, Chriss. That's awful. Lightning is so damaging. Glad you're okay, but hope you can get all your electronics up and running again real soon.

  9. Chriss I am so sorry to hear. Just pleased that you are all okay. Good luck with all the schlep of getting everything back to working order again.

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  11. Oh wow, Chriss, I'm so sorry. But I'm so glad it wasn't a direct hit and your family is safe. I hope you get things running again soon. Praying for you my friend :)

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  12. Hi Chris,
    So sorry to hear that....I am happy that you and your family are ok!
    Sending my Bloggie love to you,

  13. That's Horrible I hope you get it all up and running again how strange it would be to have nothing electrical glad your all ok :)

  14. OMG! sorry to hear about the lighting strike and so glad you guys are OK!!

  15. So glad to know you are safe Chriss. How did Lou take it?


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