I Am Having A Birthday Blog Hop!


Here is a video I made just for you!

Notice that I am barefoot...that is how my husband likes me, barefoot and scrapbooking, lol!


  1. What a great video. I giggled a lot. Fun prizes and thank you so much for the shout out. You are such a doll. It is going to be SOOOOO much fun!
    Jessica S

  2. What a cute video, it is so nice to see and hear a fellow blogger. The prizes look very yummy and the hop does sound great. I am going to be out of town for it but I will try hard to check it out. If I don't have a chance, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday ahead of time.

  3. Hey movie star - you sure did awesome... love your cuteness... oooh that first prize is awesome.... that's something I need....
    Can't wait to play in the hop with you all.....
    TFS - enjoy your lovely evening!

  4. You make me smile with your words in every post and comment, but to see you live is so much better. You are just a s beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. I will be at your Birthday party for sure.

    I will post your blinkie as soon as I finish this comment and will add to The Daily News tomorrow.

    Big Hugs
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  5. I grabbed your blinkyyyy... hehehehe!!! My blog isn't that far along but its building... wanna visit... stop on by!!! :))
    Looking forward to hop... its the same day as my wedding anniversary :))
    Thanks So much
    Rhonda Ratliff

  6. OOPS... Forgot to add I shared on FB too!!... :))

  7. Can't wait!! Great prizes!! Happy Early Birthday!! Going to post the blinky on my blog right now!!

  8. You are as Sweet as a Vanilla Cupcake..LOL..Thats one of my favorite sweets!I will not miss your Birthday Blog Hop!!!Can't wait!!Oh!I will post your blinkie on my side bar...
    I am very excited!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. What an awesome video!! And I can't wait for the hop...I've got to get in gear and get the project made this weekend!! Happy Friday my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Great video! Love your prizes and Happy Birthday! I am new to blogging so love all you do here. Stop by for a chat sometime...http://scrappnchat.blogspot.com/

  11. How great!! I'm already a follower and will be hopping along. Super giveaways. Happy Birthday Chriss. Hope you have a wonderful day. A question for you, I see all these hops how do you get to be on the hop?


  12. I am already a follower! Great prizes and Happy Birthday! I have put your blinkie on my sidebar and can't wait for the hop!

  13. Youre so cute. I'm now a follower. Happy birthday. Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate with you!

  14. First, happy birthday to you! Second, thanks so much for this really cool idea. I just love, love, love the photography square thingy. Wow! That makes super duper pro looking pics! Can't wait for the hop. I already have it posted on my sidebar! Adorable video!

  15. Woo Hoo super excited and can't wait:) We are going to have a blast, Mrs. Birthday girl!!!! Fantastic idea to make a video about the hop:)

  16. I posted about your birthday blog hop. I don't know how to add a button to my side bar but i'm looking into it.. however I did paste your button in my post.

  17. Happy Blog-a-birthday! I added your button to my side bar as well as blogged about your event today. check it out:


    I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  18. happy 21st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hugs

  19. Not sure what a blinkie is but I'm a new follower! Awesome giveaway too. Barefoot is my most enjoyed footware too! lol

  20. How nice of you to give on your big day! I hope your day is great!

  21. Chriss, Outstanding video and posting! Thank you for giving us (hoppers) a chance at gifts on YOUR special day! I hope that it was a good one! Already a follower all over the place! Huggies!

  22. Happy birthday.....may you have many more bday to come...Enjoy it and have fun..


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