Winner of the Relay for Life Card Challenge!

Good Morning!

Why are there so many people visiting my blog today?  Oh that's right!  It's Friday the 13th and time for the big announcement...who won the Relay for Life Card Challenge.  First, I want to tell you all how grateful I am that you sent me so many cards!  131 cards to be exact!  I thank you in the name of all of the people who are fighting cancer and all who have passed on from cancer.

So because so many of you sent multiple cards, I decided to write your name on a slip of paper for each card you sent, put them in a hat and draw one name.

Of course I needed some help from my co-blogger Lou....

And he got a little help from his dad...

Wait a minute, your head is getting a little far in there!

Wooo Hooo!  The winner is Heather~ congratulations Heather Dennis~ You won~

A handmade Tape Glider Holder that you can decorate to match your scrapbook room & a Advanced Tape Glider with two refills!

Now, if you did not win, don't despair, my husband has decided he want to make more of these Tape Glider Holders, so if you would like to order one from me, send me an e-mail at  The price is going to be $12.50 plus shipping and that money will go to Relay for Life.

Also, we are going to have a 2nd Giveaway thanks to my generous Cropping Group.  They have donated a Cricut Cartridge

It is The Best Images of 2010.  Everyone that has already sent cards will be entered in this drawing too!  If you haven't sent me cards and you wish you had, start making them girl!  I will announce the start of the new contest next week!  The more cards you send, the bigger chance you have of winning!

Next week, I am going to be giving away some really pretty handmade flowers to one lucky follower, so please come back for that.

Hope you have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!



  1. Congrats Heather!! And Wow so glad you recieved so many cards!!

  2. Congrads to Heather!! Great thing to do Chriss.. I hope it was a huge success for you! Hugs girlie!!

  3. I got my blog subscription email from you and scrolled down smiling and reading your post and could not wait to see who the lucky person was who won... then... to my big surprise it was ME!!!! I actually literally did a gasp!!! Thank you SOOO SOOO SOOO MUCH!!! I am thrilled!!! you have NO idea!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Thank you so so much.. and thank you for hosting this card drive for such a worthy cause!!!


  4. omg! just looooooooooove the photos of your helper! hee hee! a big congrats to Heather!! woot woot! lucky girl! :)

  5. Congrats to Heather for winning, but mostly to you, Chriss, for hosting this giveaway and putting so much time and energy into making the life of a cancer patient better!

  6. Congrats Heather!
    Sherrie K


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