Monday, Monday!

Hello Ladies,

Sorry to say that my meniere's disease is back and I am struggling with vertigo, so this is going to have to be a short post today.  No project, too sick.  I won some candy!  Whoo hoo!   From my new friend Lawren at  Happy Blog-a-versary Lawren and thank you so much for the candy!

I hope to be back tomorrow.



  1. Congrats on your winnings!
    I was curious about meniere's disease and went to the link, as you mentioned vertigo. I also suffer from bouts of vertigo (just had one that lasted over a month, although it was pretty mild in intensity). Had never heard of meniere's before so it was interesting to read a bit about it. I hope your vertigo goes away quickly. Have you tried meclizine?

    1. Hey Denise, I sure hope you DO NOT have Meniere's! I have had it since I was 28 years old. It is horrible. I have bi-lateral meniere's meaning it is in both of my ears so I can't have surgery to fix it. Yes, I take meclizine or Lorazapham when I am in the grip of vertigo.

  2. Hugs Chriss!! Hope you feel better my papa had meniere's and it was horrible watching him not leave the house or having to hold onto things to stand up. Can't imagine what it actually feels like though, take care!! Congrats on your win!!

  3. congrats on your win. sorry to hear your not feeling all that well.

  4. Oh Chriss! I get vertigo and it is sooooo not fun :-( Take it easy til it is gone and feel better sooner!! You had a fun candy win ... woo hoo!!!
    Hugs, Judy

  5. Aaaw, sorry to hear your sick girl:) Go crawl in bed and get better real soon! I had vertigo before and that is no fun.. take care my friend!
    Great goodies to play with once your feeling better;)
    Sherrie K

  6. Oh Chriss, I hope you are feeling better my friend. Get plenty of rest. I'm saying prayers for you. Congrats on your win...the goodies look so fun :)

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