Big March Giveawy!

Hello Friends,

I am volunteering for Relay for Life, a group that raises money for Cancer Awareness and Research.  On June 15th, we will have our big gathering with a booth were we can sell things.  I would like to sell handmade cards.  I have decided to ask all of you to send me cards and I will have a drawing to win this great prize.

It is an Advanced Tape Glider on a holder that my husband made for it.  The holder will come unpainted so that you can paint it to match your scrapbook room.  Because this prize is so heavy, I can only accept submissions from the U.S. and Canada.  I am so sorry to all my friends all over the world.  You can still donate your card if you would like.

Your card can have any theme,Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Just Because, Get Well.  If you decide to do a cancer card I would like to suggest some sites that have "cancer awareness" digital stamps     Digital Delights by Looby Loo (Click Here) and McMahon Five (Click Here  and for                                                         Fresh Brewed Designs (click here)

Ok so here are the rules for how to win this fantastic prize: Ends April 6, 2012
1. Must be a follower of my blog
2. Post candy on your sidebar,  write about it on facebook or tweet about it. (all three would be great)
3. Send me a  handmade card with it's matching envelope (very important that I have blank envelope to sell with the card)
Mail your card to:

Mrs Chriss America Real
3303 Prowse Road
Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732

Thank you in advance for all of your help.  Ok, this is the part you can read or skip over if you aren't interested.  If you are a smoker and you would like to quit, I wish you would read this.  So often when I meet a smoker they say to me "Well, I am going to die anyway" but sadly for me, I have watched two people die from smoking and it is a horrible drawn out death.  It is a death that can last years. Just recently, my own father passed away at the age of 91 in his own house, in his own bed from old age.  His death was so peaceful!  He had his children around him when he passed.  I still remember as a little girl blowing out his match when he lit his cigarette.  The very day the Surgeon General announced that "smoking was bad for your health" my dad quit...just like that, he never picked up a cigarette again.  He said "I have 14 children, I can't  get cancer" so I guess my dad was maybe 44 years old when he stopped smoking.

Now we come to my in-laws.  My dear mother-in-law and father-in-law, they never got the message, they never stopped smoking.  My mother-in-law told me that one time she went to the doctor and came home and told her husband she wanted to quit, and he said he didn't believe any of that nonsense about smoking that if she quite, he wasn't going to do it so the kept on smoking.  Then my mother-in-law was diagnosed with COPD and she finally and to quit.  My father-in-law continued to smoke even though his wife had just been given a death sentence.  Then my father-in-law got esophageal cancer.  He had to have his voice box removed.  Even though they implanted a new voice box, he never learned to use it.  Because my mother-in-law was so sick and all of the children worked, my father-in-law went to live in a nursing home at the age of 66.  He died by the age of 68.  Meanwhile, my mother-in-law had a blockage in her intestines and had to have surgery.  She was given a "temporary" colostomy bag, but because of her weak lungs, they were never able to give her the surgery she needed to remove the colostomy bag, so she had that the rest of her life.  She was then diagnosed with breast cancer.  She went through chemo & radiation and her children & grandchildren went through it with her.  She died at the age of 70.  This didn't have to be!  My mother-in-laws own mother and aunts lived into their 90's!  If she had just put down the cigarettes, she would still be here with us today!  When I think of all the things my in-laws have missed.  Their first granddaughters wedding, all of the great grand babies that have been born since they passed, it makes me so sad.  They say life is short, why make it any shorter than it has to be?  Stay on earth awhile, it can be an adventure.


  1. Hi hunny, Fab that your doing that for such a great charity, I will send some cards, email me your address at kraftyhugzz@live.Co.UK
    Kenzie xx

  2. Hey Chriss, I will be sending some cards for you. I did read the rest of your post and it is sad, My uncle smokes and has tried quiting but it doesn't work. My brother started smoking and then had a scare (he found a lump in his throat) he had it removed and it was a cyst. He is only 23 years old!! Thanks for sharing your story!!

  3. That's awesome. I did the relay last year at work and felt very good about being able to help out. I enjoyed working hard to try and raise money for such a needed cause! My heart breaks for those having to suffer with cancer. I signed back up to do it again this year....not knowing how close to home this was going to be for me. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in January. She has had her surgery and is now going through chemotherapy. I think this is an awesome idea and I will be sending a card to you. I may make some extras to sell at my booth too....if you don't mind me borrowing your idea:)
    Thanks so much for your help in trying to end this AWFUL disease.

  4. Hey sweetie! I have this posted at my blog, the Freshly Brewed Challenges blog, will post now to FB and to the crafters cafe. I will also be sending you some cards.

    Big hugs to you! Thank you for spreading the word and having such an amazing giveaway.


  5. What a beautiful thing you are doing, I'll get some cards in the mail. Thank you for your story our family has experienced cancer and you are right the whole family goes through ALL of it, unnecessarily!!
    I'm a new follower! - Thank you :)

  6. Such a sad story thankfully your father quit and you.
    Your hubby did a great job on the holder enjoyed many years with him.
    Hugs, Diana L.

  7. I have posted a pic of the prize on my sidebar and also a post on my blog :)
    Thanks again for your help and support in fighting for this cause.

    the cricut scrapper dot blogspot dot com

  8. Your story just touched my heart.... I'm glad you quit yourself too... I quit smoking 4 years ago and never went back on...Can't stand it, don't like the smell of it, and don't like anyone next to me smoking...I haven't invested on this tape glider yet, so I'm sure who ever has it will be praying to win this..... Congrats who ever that lucky person will be.....
    Thanks my friend for stopping by today, I'm crafting like crazy now trying to meet the deadlines for everyone's wants and needs.....
    Keep in touch my blogging buddy....
    Many hugs to you ^o^.....


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