Short Goodbye & Candy Giveaway!

Hi Friends,

My computer is fried.  It has been dying for awhile now.  So my daughters boyfriend is taking it to his place to fix it.  So I will be away from my blog for a little while!  Oh I will miss you all so much!  I couldn't leave you without a give away!  So here is a very cute one!  This is a scrapbooking Calendar.  My niece gave me one for Christmas a couple years ago and I liked it so much, I have been buying myself one every year since.  This year I bought two.  It has ribbons, brads, stickers, buttons and a place for your photos to go.  When you are done, you have a little "history" of the year.

To win, please do the following:

1.  Become a follower
2.  Leave a comment ( choses the winner from the comments)
3.  Post the candy on the sidebar of your blog.
4.  I will post the winner as soon as my computer is fixed hopefully around the first of the year.


  1. Hi, hope your computer is fixed soon! Wonderful calender, I've always thought I should try one of these! Off to put your pic on my sidebar! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Awww, we will miss you too! Hope you are back blogging soon! Such a sweet calendar set! Hugz, and Happy New Year!

  3. Hope your computer gets fixed soon!!! Happy New Year! :)Amy

  4. Bye well.

    Be Blessed, Beckie

  5. That stinks! Hope you get it back working better than ever! Fun candy! Posted on my sidebar!

  6. O i don't know what i would do without my computer, hope your's is fixed soon! Thanks so much for the chance to win!! I am already a follower and posted it on my side bar!!
    sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

  7. Oh poor thing, I hope it gets a really good tuned up....
    Thanks for a chance to win this candy......
    Have a very Happy New Year!

  8. What can be worst then a broken computer. I hate it when that happens, I feel for you. Hopefully it'll be a quick fix. Wonderful giveaway, Thanks for the chance, someone is going to be really lucky.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  9. hope your computer gets fixed, I had the same problem a week ago, it really is a terrible thing. It cost me 700.00 that sucks but glad to have it up and running. hope you have a very happy new year and thanks for the chance to win such a cute calendar for the new year.

  10. I can´t imagine myself without computer, hope your get fixed very soon :)
    Thanks for the chance with the calendar!

  11. Oh Chriss, that sucks about your computer. Remember the days when we hardly even knew what a computer was? And now we rely on them for least I know I do! I hope you get it back soon!

    I posted your link and pic on my candy page.

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  12. How kind of you to share. Thanks for the chance. I hope oyur computer issues are fixed soon. I think I would go thru withdrawal. I am a follower already. : )

    Happy New Year,
    Carson's Creations
    coachfans at cox dot net

  13. I posted on my left sidebar.

    Carson's Creation
    coachfans at cox dot net

  14. Sorry for your computer problem. My Dell laptop of 10 yrs (yes that is a long time) bit the dust before Mother's Day this yr. Luckily I had backed everything up days before it died. My wonderful hubby replaced it with a Toshiba laptop. I'm a follower. Posted your giveaway on my blog sidebar with a link to take people here. Hope you get your computer fixed soon. How long had you had the computer? Just this wk my hubby finished wiping out the personal info off my Dell and we took it to Best buy for them to recycle. They give a gift card for ones within certain age but mine was too old but we did not want to put in the landfill and they take it apart for parts. Happy New Year!
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  15. I feel you. I get irritated if no computer or just no internet. Hope it get fixed soon. Candy posted on my blog side bar.

    myfootahead at gmail dot com

  16. Oh bummer Chriss! Hope your back up running again real soon:)
    Happy New Year!
    Sherrie K

  17. What a neat giveaway!

    Joyce Carlson

  18. great gift Chriss but sorry your computer had to die so we could get a chance at it! Hope it's "fixable"...I had to buy a new one earlier this year so I know how you are feeling!

  19. Fantastic Giveaway and I hope you get your computer up and running soon the withdrawl must be insane. Happy New Year Hugs Nikki C
    I've linked you up and follow you already
    P.S. the last time my computer died I would borrow the internet from the future shop computers for a few min lol

  20. That is sad news on the computer, Hope it gets the tender love and care it needs . Thanks for a chance to win the calender kit, love the kit and embellies. I posted to my side bar for you.
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  21. Hi Chriss! I hope your computer gets fixed soon, I don't know what I would do without mine! I already follow and posted on my sidebar :)

  22. Happy New Year! Well, Chriss, that sucks about your computer.
    What a neat giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win)))

  23. Hi Chriss,
    I'm sorry your having computer problems. I hope it will be fix soon. I have post this giveaway on my blog. I hope you'll come by and visit me too when u get the chance. Good luck with your computer.
    Big hugs,
    Karezma kreations


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