Pixie Dust Paperie Giveaway!

I was feeling so down and blue today because of my flooded basement from Hurricane Irene and I am turning 54 next week when the mail came and I received this prize from Pixie Dust Paperie!  Look at this fantastic prize!  This is their December kit.  Look at all of these goodies!
Sorry if it looks a little dark, it is overcast here today...BUT guess what?  They are giving away their February Kit and it looks yummy!  So ladies, get on over there and win!  http://pixiedustpaperie.blogspot.com/2011/08/pixie-dust-paperie-september-kit.html you can also click on the candy on my side-bar to get there.
I really hope that one of my followers is the winner next time.  This is a really lovely kit, thank you Kirsty,  I can't wait to use it.  Hugs, Chriss


  1. Wow, Chriss, that is a fabulous bounty! You are going to have such fun with it!

  2. Wow, congrats...looks like your gonna have some fun! I am so sorry to hear about your basement Chriss~hang in there!
    Sherrie K

  3. Hey, I am "shocked" to know that the prize only get to you now, I sent it 1-2 days after the announcement, oh well, with USPS, you never know, I should be glad it at least it arrived safely, hope you have fun scrapping with our Pixie Kit.

    Thanks for shout out for Pixie, good luck (again!!!)


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