Greetings From Louie!

Hi Everyone,

Mom is busy cleaning up from Hurricane Irene (see last post) so I thought I would show you pictures of our "vacation".  We had to go stay in a hotel for two days because we had some septic problems and mom said we didn't have something called "lectricity" to heat up my dinner.  I don't get to sleep in a real bed at home (I do have two dog beds though) but I slept in a real bed at the hotel!
Guess what else?  I got to eat a hamburger, a hot dog and a couple bites of ice cream!  Mom & dad said they were eating a lot because they were "so stressed out" it was great!
Here is a picture of me and mom.  I love vacation.


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  2. That pic of you and Mommy is so beautiful!!! Tell her to make it her profile pic. :-)

  3. awww! Seems like Lou is having a wonderful time lol. Hope everything at home gets fixed up soon for all of you :)

  4. "A dog's life" for you Louie? :) Hope Mom doesn't work to hard. Small steps, a little at a time. Best wishes and hugs from Montana from Mindi and Aoife (her Boxer fur baby)

  5. Poor Louie, to have to come home to his 'ordinary' life again! Glad you are home and starting to get back to normal, even though I know how much work that is going to entail!

  6. Aww, Louie, you are so adorable! You look so comfy on the bed! And I hope you enjoyed your hamburger and hot dog! I hope everything gets fixed soon so your mom and dad can relax and aren't stressed anymore :)



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