Try Something New Thursday/Cricut Imagine

Learning to use the Cricut Imagine has been quite an adventure for me.  I notice that as my brain ages it fights against me when I want to learn new things.  Well, too bad brain!  I am going to continue to learn new things forever!  I refuse to be intimidated by "gadgets".  When you stop learning, you start dying!

So my daughter Kelly is known for her delicious desserts.  The child can bake!  She can cook too, she makes this meatloaf....oh sorry, I was dreaming there for a moment...don't know what she puts in that meatloaf but boy is it good!  Anyway, her kitchen is small with limited space so I saw this in Bed, Bath & Beyond and thought it would be a perfect Birthday Gift.

But I wanted to jazz it up and personalize it so I got out the vinyl that came with the Cricut Imagine
Picked images from my Nursery Tails and Enjoy the Season Imagine Cartridges and printed them out.

They peel off and stick to the top of her carrying top so she can change them out according to the season.  I can make her more if she likes them.  I have ones for the 4th of July, Valentines Day and Easter too.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will try something new today too!


  1. Cute idea, Chriss...I'm sure she will love it!

  2. What a great idea Chriss, I'm sure Kelly is going to love them.

  3. Thanks for putting my candy on your side bar, but you for got to put your name under the followers your picture does not come up!!!!! Don't know if blogger is acting up again!!!!

  4. What an absolutely adorable gift, Chriss! I love that the vinyl peels off so you can replace it! Thanks so much for posting my candy on your sidebar :D


  5. Cute idea!


  6. Please visit my blog I have a surprise for you!!!!

  7. this is awesome.

  8. Very cute idea!!! I need to do this to my cupcake holder...


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