A Short Goodbye and a Prize!

Hello My Friends and Welcome Visitors,

This will be my last post for awhile.  I am having a pretty complicated surgery on Tuesday, March 21st.  The doctor said it will take me eight weeks to recover.  I know that those of you who know me can't imagine me sitting still for 8 weeks, let alone 8 minutes.  I have lots of books to read and I have subscribed to the British ACORN channel on Prime so I will have lots of Agatha Christie murder mysteries to watch.

Anyway, you didn't think I would go off and leave you without something to look forward to did you?  Of course not.  So while I am recovering, let's have a giveaway!  Whooo Hoooo!

This prize is open to US and International winners.  I consider the shipping part of the prize. 

I am giving away a bag loaded with Mickey Mouse/Disney stickers, paper clips, bottle caps, buttons, bling and title.

My friend Rhonda Emery made this bag and some of the prizes. Isn't it cute?  Thank you Rhonda!

Here is the bag exploded open with all of the wonderful prizes:

You can click on the pictures to make them larger.  This is over $50.00 worth of prize.

What do you need to do to win?

1. Be a follower of this blog
2. Post this prize to the side panel of your blog or on facebook.
3. Leave me a message here telling me that you would like to win this prize.
4. I ship internationally (I consider the shipping part of the prize.

If you do not know how to add this to your sidebar, please go to this YouTube tutorial.  I always use the 2nd choice, I do it with "Add an Image".  Add a image to google side bar. If you use wordpress you can find a video on YouTube on how to do that.

That is it!  I will draw for the prize on Monday, May 1st.  Thank you everyone.  I hope to be back soon!  If you have a small moment on Tuesday;  please say a prayer or send me a good wish.



  1. good luck with your surgery. I am currently recovering myself. I had mine two weeks ago today. I have had one little set back and still can't drive! I did manage to make it upstairs to my craft room finally. I hope you recovery easily and get healthy again soon!


  2. Chriss, I'll be thinking about you. I can't imagine being still for 8 weeks but we do what we have to do I know. Please take care and have a great recovery.

  3. Hi Chriss, best wishes for your surgery! I wish you a speedy recovery, too! Perhaps you will get well early that the doctor says :) Anyway, rest and enjoy your time as possible with books and films. Take care!

  4. Hi Chriss,
    My prayers, love, & hugs go out to you. I wish a speedy recovery as well. Take care my friend. I posted your adorable prize on my blog. You are awesome my friend!!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Crafting With Creative M

  5. I'm thinking of you, Chriss and keeping you in my prayers. I pray that all goes well and you recover quickly. Big hugs dear friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Hi Chriss!! I've been on Spring Break/Vacation all week.. missed visiting your blog.... Now that I'm back, thought I would go back and see what I've missed! First, I want to wish you luck with your surgery tomorrow, praying everything goes smoothly for ya! Once it's all said and done you will enjoy life again... after my surgery, I had doubts left & right thinking it was all a mistake... But now, almost 2 yrs. later, I'm happy in my skin and have so much energy it's CRAZY! :) And how thoughtful of you to have a giveaway! I also went back to see what I've missed on your blog and you made some great projects! Glad to be back to blogging! Have a great day! :)


  7. OMG I didn't know that you were under the knife! Yikes hope all is well and you recover quickly. I'm always thinking of you and in no time those 8 weeks will be a blink of your eye. Get lots of rest and the best part let everyone cater to your needs. For now you will be the Queen and what the Queen wants she will get...LOL! Take care my friend, lots of prayers sending your way......

  8. Oh my goodness...I just opened my blogger to check on those I follow and I find this. I had no idea. I'm so sorry that you will have to go through a difficult surgery. My prayers will be with you the whole time. And what a wonderfully generous thing for you to do. I just love these things. Your friend did a great job with this. My niece is having a boy next month and is such a Disney freak. I would love making things for him with these items. Have a blessed day and God be with you tomorrow and through your days of healing. Many hugs, Robin

  9. Best wishes for a successful surgery and an uneventful recovery!!! Hugs!

  10. Chriss, I don't need any prizes, but want to say good luck with the surgery. Will be thinking of you. I'm a RN so make sure you take your medications (pain, stool softners ,etc.) Get your rest, but also do what activity you need to each day so that you heal. Will keep you in my prayers.

  11. I would love to win this!! I´m sending prayers your way!! have a speedy recovery!!

  12. May your recovery be quick Chriss, lots of prayers for the pain to be minimal. Hugs

  13. Chirss, please don't enter me in the prizes..I just wanted to pop in and wish you well wishes! Thinking of you and hope you have a speedy recovery!!
    Sherrie K

  14. Best wishes for a successful surgery and have a speedy recovery! My prayers will be with you!
    I would love to win your wonderful prize. I shared it on my sidebar.
    Hugs, Valerija xx

  15. I'm sending lots of good thoughts for your upcoming surgery and hope that you recover well as you distract yourself with lots of fun murder mysteries!! I'm sure you'll figure out how to do a little crafting in the meantime too. Hugs.

  16. Hope your surgery was successful and yes I want to win this prize, I posted the give away on FB , commented on your give away and love your blog. Hope you are up and about scrapping again soon. Cheers💕

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