Some RAK from a friend!

Hello My Friends and Welcome Visitors,

I received a package in the mail yesterday...I LOVE unexpected packages!  It was from my blogging buddy Diana at D.L Art she sent me some RAK (random act of kindness) and it surely did brighten my day!

It is a card and a little owl timer!  This is what is so strange...I was complaining to my husband that I am spending WAY too much time on Facebook...I am addicted.  He suggested that I get a timer, set it, and only stay on face book until the timer goes off!  Isn't it strange that Diana sent me exactly what I needed?  She also told me that "I could use the card" send it to someone else! way!  Someday I will be telling people when you are famous.."yes, that is an original Diana Larson." 

This is where your card is going to stay.

Now, you know I have to pass this kindness on.  I have a bloggy friend in mind.  She has been dealing with a lot of family stress and I know a surprise is just what she needs!  Diana, I saved your RAK box and I will send it to her in that.

Thanks for stopping by my friends!  I hope you are having a happy weekend! 



  1. OMGosh your owl has been adopted into a whole family of owls. I am so glad it will come in handy. I know I use my timer and I am amazed at how quick 15 minutes can go.
    Normally I would say you could enter this in my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes September Linky Party, but that won't work in this case ha ha Have a great day and blessed day , my friend.
    DIANA L.

  2. Chriss,
    So loving this card! Its super adorable. I love owls too!

    Have a great day!


  3. What a nice surprise. The card is fantastic! Sometimes I set a timer so I don't spend too much time making cards when I should be doing something else. Know what I do? I let it beep until I'm done. Hahahaha


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