A Prize for You and My Re-Decorated Office!

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Hello My Friends and Welcome Visitors,

Well it is finally here!  I am going to show you my new office!  

Warning this will be picture heavy.  I decided on the paint color when I saw this paint on my daughters walls in her bedroom, I just love green.  For my birthday; my daughter & son-in-law are going to come and install an overhead light so I can get rid of the lamps.

It is a small room but cozy.

These are the owls over my desk

These are the owls over my workstation.

I have shelves with just a few owls on them but I'm not worried, I know my friends and family will give me owls for my birthday in September.  The little plaque says "Home is Where your Mom is" isn't that true?  I hope my children know that no matter where they wander in this big old world they can always come home to their mommy and I will always be here for them.

My desk with the beautiful calendar Shirl made me.

The desk organizer I made.  This calender holder you see above was dark blue, I painted it pink and put owl tape across it.

I even have owl closet doorknobs on my new closet doors! 

Okay, here is the funnest thing.  I had to put this funny owl sticker on my thermostat because my husband & I both agree it looks like our daughter Kelly.  Sorry Kelly, if you look at this you will see that you make a face just like this!

Every time I look at this little sticker it reminds me of my girl and that makes me smile!

So that is my new Owl office.  Every room in my house is decorated in a theme....I have my Hello Kitty Craft Room, my nautical rooms, my wine rooms, to me it is just easier to decorate when I have a theme.

Now what am I forgettting....oh yes!  I have to choose a prize winner!  The winner is SHarti!  SHarti, please send me your address~ america57@comcast.net

Thank you all for stopping by; hope this wasn't too boring!



  1. Chriss you had me laughing telling the cutie owl reminded you of your daughter!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. Oh wow Chriss, love your space! Anyone would love to create in your space! I love the colors and the owl theme is adorable! Love your thermostat cover...so fun to include your daughter, lol!
    Sherrie K

  3. I just love your owl office, I spy the calendar and yes it blends in perfect with the décor. Its so pretty and I'm a bit jealous.... The theme is just perfect for this room..... Great job!

  4. Your room looks gorgeous, Chriss!! What an awesome place to create!! The owl theme is so fun!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Every room has a theme! I love that!! I love your new owl office!!
    Super cute and fun!!
    Congrats to the winner!
    Have a wonderful day,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  6. Wonderful office space - love the owls!

  7. Chriss, your studio looks fantastic!!! LOVE all the little owls scattered around. The one on the thermostat is precious - but then all of them are.

  8. what an awesome studio!! so neat! wish mine was this clean! looks great and I love all the owls!

  9. Love the idea of each room having a theme! Your studio looks fabulous, the colour is so pretty and I love the super adorable owls every where.
    ps. thank you for visiting me, I appreciate your kind comments, I'm really happy to follow you too. Have a great weekend. x

  10. Your owl office is very beautiful, Chriss!!
    Thanks for follow my blog!

  11. Love your owl room! I always thought my daughter looked like the Baby Winnie the Pooh! So funny! Carri~Abusybee

  12. How nice! Love all your owl touches. At first, I thought you redecorated your craft room, but you have 2 rooms! Lucky you.

    1. Yes Pat, I took over my children's rooms (they are 32 & 34) when they moved out. My husband has a huge home office downstairs.

  13. Owls everywhere!!! Great and cool office!!!

  14. Love your new office, especially all the adorable owls! (can you guess that I am crazy about owls too?!). It's so peaceful and serene looking and the owls give it character!! Thank you for your giveaway...I'm off to email you!!


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