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Hello My Friends,

I am back from my CK Scrapbook Convention with lots and lots of goodies.  So I just unpacked some of my bags and this is what I have uncovered of what I won there Friday & Saturday.  I sitll haven't unpacked what I won Thursday night!  Yikes.  Here it is!

Sorry I had to take a picture of it on my bed; it didn't fit anywhere else!  Oh no look, I received two of the same prize.  This really fun looking magazine! 

 Would you like it?  Of course you can have it!  Okay, I am going to give this away to a follower who has been following me and commenting consistently for a long time (girls you know who you are).  Send me a message on this blog and let me know if you would like this magazine.  New gals or gals that aren't followers yet.  Don't despair; as I unpack, I will find more things to give away, so if you aren't a follower, sign up now!  I will give something else away soon.  This prize giveaway will end on Friday, August 1, 2014.  Thank you so much for following me and leaving me comments!  Hugs & Kisses!


  1. I have never had the pleasure of attending a craft type convention. I have been to several Pet shop ones. I hope someday to be able to go to one and maybe meet you my friend:)

  2. Hi Chriss! I'm so excited to see what all you got because there's going to be one a couple of hours away from where I live and was wondering if they had good things for card making. I can see by this post that they do! So, I'm hoping to go in September. Looks like you must have had a great time!

    1. Lynn, definitely worth going! Tons of prizes. They have a place to check your scrapping stuff before you go on to the convention floor so you don't have to haul it around with you. It cost $3.00 a day you can check in and out as much as you like. I got to the point that all I had with me was my wallet!

  3. Wow Chris You really sciored big time and you won all that? Have a Blessed day, DIANA L.

  4. The convention sounds so awesome, Chriss!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Awesome haul of goodies!! I'd so like to go to one someday!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Hi Chriss! Yes, I like the magazine. I am a follower.
    I am never lucky in any give aways, but I try again and soon.. :) Thanks for the chance.

  6. I like. And I am a fomlower.
    So if you will send it to Denmark. I will line to have it.

  7. Love me all those goodies.... Can't wait to see all the rest, and you better show and tell, LOL!

  8. WOW you are so lucky Chriss--- it is so much fun to win isnt it. I am waiting for the Indian crafting world to catch up and have such fun events!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  9. Wow! How much goodies! In Italy there is not a similar to CK Scrapbook Convention!

  10. sounds like you had a fun fun time !!! no conventions here in New Zealand :(

  11. Wow that looks very good.
    I am inn.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Gr Elly

  12. oh so much fun! I have a little convention of sorts coming up in a couple of weeks and I am getting very excited! love all your goodies!

  13. WOW!! You are one lucky winner!! would love to win one of the magazine!! Thank you! :)
    Have a wonderful day my bloggie friend,
    *Crafting With Creative M*


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