Take Anything But Leave My Hello Kitty Buttons Alone!

Hello Friends,

This week, I am recovering from vacation so I will be showing you a mish mash of things that I have made that haven't been published yet.  As most of you know, my craft room is decorated with Hello Kitty.  I didn't plan to decorate it that way, I painted it a very pale pink, my 32 year old daughter started giving me Hello Kitty presents for my craft room (she made me a Hello Kitty cover for my cricut) so now, the room is very Hello Kitty.

I have a group of women that I get together and scrap with.  I am very generous with my scrapbook supplies but I bought some Hello Kitty Buttons from  Pinque Peacock and everyone constantly asked me for them!  I kept saying "No they are for a project" but I always felt terrible, because I am usually am happy to share.  So here is my project.

Do you clean your stamps with baby wipes?  This is my baby wipe box!  I LOVE it!  That is Hello Kitty Duct Tape around the outside of the box.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  It is good to travel but it is also good to come home!  We are expecting really high heat this week, I hope I can hide in my craft room and get some work done.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Chriss!! HK looks so sweet!! I use baby wipes to clean my stamps, too!! You have inspired me to dress up my container!! Love it my friend!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Chriss,

    It is a great idea. I'm so proud of you for keeping them for yourself. You deserve them!


  3. This is such a cute little project! Love the Hello Kitty!
    To answer your question, no, they are two separate projects. Either do the cheesecloth and watercolors or the grasses, weeds and seeds and watercolor. Maybe it would be interesting with both though.

  4. I've used Clorox Cleaning Wipes to clean my stamps. I love how you dressed up your box! :)

  5. Baby Wipes Rock for cleaning stamps!!!! What a fun story. I hope you let them know they can order their own HK buttons, too....LOL! You did a terrific job! Now, they can at least share your baby wipes and see HK while they clean their stamps! TFS your project and giving a fun Pinque Peacock Shout Out!


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