Look What I Won!

Look what I won...Thank you so much BoBunny!

I know you aren't looking at the purse, you are thinking "wow, Chriss sure is getting fat!" I have been on two courses of prednisone to try to get rid of this pneumonia and I am all swollen up!  But isn't the purse adorable?

Thank you, thank you BoBunny!



  1. You lucky girl...what a gorgeous purse!! I love the pink!! And you look beautiful, Chriss!! Have a great week my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Congrats...what a pretty purse! You look GREAT!

  3. Beautiful purse! Almost as beautiful as you!

  4. Beautiful purse and I agree with Cissy, you are too :D Hope you feel better soon!!

  5. Do you sure you want this bag, I know who might be interested in having it... LOL!
    Congrats Chriss~

  6. You make me laugh! You are too hard on yourself girl! Loving your purse, totally stylin'! And you look fabulous!

  7. I think you look great! LOVE that pin purse! Did you see you won a little candy on my blog a while back? I am assuming not..lol :) Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog today!

  8. You crack me up.lol, you look great, love the bag:)

  9. Oh Chriss you look fantastic and I love your hair color:) Congratulations on your win and the bag is fabulous! Have a great evening:)

  10. Well i was looking at the purse.. i have a thing for purses AND i so love that one, if you decide you don't want it, i will give you my address to send it to me. AND i would like to know why they send it to you and not me.....LOL... i always have such a hard time choosing a purse, BUT i love pink and i think yours is just what i have been looking for.. You look beautiful.. thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. Hope you come again. Hugs Sandy

  11. Fab purse & you look fab too Chriss!
    Hugs, Renee

  12. Chriss!!!
    NOPE---honestly when I saw the picture I immediately said to the Lord ," Wow Chriss looks so great---what a great picture!! I'm so excited that you blessed her with this lovely purse!!" God kiss!!! I'm not a doc---but I will say my daughter dealt with tons of pneumonia and bronchial---severe coughing one year---she had broken ribs for months--plus she was training for figure skating---tough---no rest---coughing all night---MANY breathing specialists and the like--It lasted from Thanksgiving one year until June 28 of the next---but do you know what the Lord used to get rid of it??? 3 acupuncture treatments---go figure!! Don't forget how precious you are!! Praying...... Huge hugs!!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure


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