Pay It Forward

Hello Ladies,

Recently I received a package in the mail and I had absolutely no idea what it was!  It was very exciting!  When I opened it, this is what I found.

Isn't this a wonderful idea?  What a wonderful way to brighten someones day!  I love this scrapbooking/cardmaking community and the generosity of the women that support it.  Thank you so much Suzanne, I will think of you every time I use these lovely flowers!  Now I have to "Pay it Forward"  Hum...I am thinking of one of my lovely followers who has been through a rough time recently.  I think I will cheer her up.  I have some lovely candy I can send her, oh this is fun!

Hope you are having a good Friday the 13th (third one of the year) and that if someone is kind to you, you will find a way to pay it forward!



  1. What a sweet and awesome gesture!! Enjoy your goodies :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. What wonderful goodies. Always nice to Pay it forward.


  3. Very cool, love the idea of RAKs!!

  4. thats a wonderful getsure.enjoy

  5. What a Beautiful and Sweet gesture!!I love it!& love the fact that you thought "Pay it Forward"!Enjoy Your goodies!!


  6. What a wonderful idea this is! The crafting community is an awesome bunch....enjoy your goodies & I really like the idea that you are going to carry it on!
    Hugs, Renee

  7. This is just a wonderful thoughtful thing to do! Hugs!

  8. how sweet of your friend to send you such fun stuff to work with. hugs

  9. What a sweet idea and gesture! Enjoy your goodies:)
    Sherrie K


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