Today is my Blog-A-Versary/Relay For Life

Hello Ladies!

Today is my blog-a-versay!  Whoo hoo!  I can't believe it has been a whole year since I started this crazy blog!  Thank you all so much for following along with me!  If you haven't signed up for a chance to win the blog candy please do! 

Now the news you have all been waiting for...The Relay for Life was a HUGE success!  We raised $575.00...WOW...thank you so much for all of your hard work!  I am thinking that next year...oh yeah, we have to do this again next year (I will get more sponsors to offer more prizes too) we need to make something that we can sell to kids.  So please put on your thinking caps and if you come up with an idea that all of us cardmakers can make, please shoot me an e-mail at

Please tell all your husbands and sons Happy Father's Day and give them a BIG smooch from me!  I am so tired, I am going to go get in the pool.



  1. Yeah! - and many more years to go yet!
    Love your craft space... you have alot in their great set - up!

  2. Wow, what a phenomenal way to spend your Blogaversary. Awesome job, I know you worked your butt off, too, for this to be so successful!
    Jessica S

  3. Wow! I also cannot believe it has been a year already, I think I was your 2nd or 3rd follower. How time flys when your having fun! Congrats! and here to many more!
    Hugs Jenny

  4. Congratulations on your first year with your blog! I really love seeing your creations and for all that you do for others! I give to those in need in my own town. Great vision!

  5. Congrats on one year for your blog! Fantastic.
    Also, that's just wonderful about the Relay for Life!
    Enjoy the day.

  6. Congrats on one year! I am sure there will be many more to come. My 2nd blogoversary is in a week. Glad to hear about the money raised.

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  7. Happy Happy Blog-a-versary. And congrats on money well raised :)

  8. Happy Blogiversary! Congrats on the money raised!

  9. Congrats to you on your blogaversary and on the money raised!!How Awesome is that!!

  10. Congrats to you on your blogaversary!! I am so glad you decided to blog-your creations and projects have all been so inspiring! You have done such an amazing job Chriss on the Relay for Life and raising money! Kudos to you my friend and please keep me in mind next time you you put this together-I would be happy to donate cards again and a prize. Awesome job my friend!!
    Sherrie K

  11. Congrats on your blogaversary! So happy you were able to raise so much money for such a great cause!

  12. Happy blogaversary and well done for raising so much money for a good cause, I think you deserve to relax a bit now
    Lindsay xx

  13. Happy Blogoversary. WOW you really raised a lot of money, way to go.



"When the trees their summer splendor
Change to raiment red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year."
- Carol L. Riser, Autumn