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Welcome to my scrapbook room!  I guess I will be showing you all of the neat fun things that Santa gave me for Christmas over the next few weeks.  This is a gift I absolutely LOVE!  It is a light box!  It sets up and folds down in minutes, it comes with two lights and I can can take pictures of my cards or layouts in no time at all!  I am just thrilled to have it!  My husband was going to make me one, he even found the directions on You Tube, but then he found this one on Amazon.com for very little cost, so he bought me one.

Here is what it looks like when I have just popped it open and not really put it together yet.

This is what it looks like closed

Here it is set up with lights on my kitchen counter.  Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great day!


  1. Great gift! I need one of those!

  2. This is great, thank you for sharing im going to check Amazon out I would like one myself.
    Hugs Rachael xx

  3. Very cool, i want to make one but don't have the space to store it, a pop up one would be great, i will have check amazon or ebay, can't wait to see what other goodies you got for christmas!

  4. Oooh how clever is this!
    great idea....

  5. Oh I'll have to check this out for sure! What a great gift you received!

  6. As scrappers who continually need to upload our cards and layouts, we know that timing can be crucial--as well as weather! This takes all that pressure away! Great gift!!!

  7. Cool! You sure do have the fancy gadgets (copic bag & a folding light box)! Lucky girl! :)Amy

  8. wow...I wasn't sure how you would use it but now I understand...it isn't for storing it is for photographing your work. Great idea! What a wonderful surprise from your DH! How sweet!

  9. Oh, wow, I'm jealous!! I want!! I actually bought the materials to make my own lightbox and I still haven't gotten around to it!! I'm headed to amazon instead ;) Have a great weekend my friend!!


  10. Oh, this is great, Chriss. What a sweet hubby you have to buy such a needed item for a blogger!

  11. Ooo, I hope to one day have a lightbox too!

  12. Aaaaw, I need to buy this! How big is this? Like 2 ft square perhaps?
    Sherrie K

  13. This looks fun! I need to look into this!


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