Showing Jovan My Scrapbook Room

My friend Jovan has a new craft space and she ask everyone to upload pictures of their space.  So Jovan, here it is!  Not purple like yours, but a very pale pink with hot pink accents!  I really like that storage cube you made with foam board, you are going to have to tell us how you made that.  Some of these pictures were taken awhile ago.  Anyway here we go.
It is Ikea that I bought off of e-bay.  The sentiment over the magnetic bulletin board says "Every Picture Tells A Story"

I have storage underneath too.

Desk is a little messy in this one but you can see the table I made with Jet Max & a piece of counter top my brother-in-law gave me!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Hugs!


(I'll be back later today)


  1. What an awesome craft room!!! I love all your storage!!

  2. OMG! Chriss, I want your scrap room. Mine is a lil unorganized corner, haha. Yours is AWESOME!

    Be Blessed, Beckie

  3. AWESOME space love all your storage! Great vinyl saying! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. What great craft space Chriss!
    It is as neat as it can be......
    Happy Trick or treat!!!!

  5. Wow, awesome space and so CLEAN! Wow, I love it! i need to get in mine and straighten it out a bit-I swear it looks like a tornado hit this week, lol!
    Sherrie K

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