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Happy Friday Everyone!  Well here on the East Coast we are all in preparation mode for Hurricane Irene.  I hope that everyone will get safely through.  Louie is doing much better!  A dose of Xanax and a good nights sleep really seemed to help him.
Today I would like to show you how I store my stamps.  As some of you know, I go to crops, so I need to be able to take my stamps with me.  I tried several binders before I finally settled on this system.
I like these binders because they zip and nothing can fall out.  But then I use inexpensive page holders from office depot to hold the stamps.  I  keep them closed with a bit of Velcro.
I divide them with Page Dividers also from office depot
I label what is inside on the outside
I did use the pages that came with it for my "Wicked" stamps, if you have heavy stamps like these, you could do your whole binder like this, they come with three of these heavy duty pages and you can buy more.  All of my old Creative Memory stickers are in one of these Binders too.  I used the pages & page refills for them.
Each binder comes with 3 pockets for carrying ink pads, stamp pads and other things you need for stamping.  
So that is how I store my stamps.  I hope that everyone has a very safe weekend!  Hugs!


  1. What a great idea and I already have one of these laying around so it is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So glad to hear Lou is doing better...

  3. So glad to hear Lou is doing better! I love your ideas! I already got my shoe organizer full of punches behind the door ;)
    I have another small giveaway going on if you want to come check it out.

    Stay safe!

  4. I love this idea! It sure beats more expensive solutions and it works just as well! Awesome!


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