Present for Teacher

Today I have a present for my dear friend and next-door neighbor (her four year old daughter is my best friend) who is a High School Teacher and who LOVES chocolate!  I downloaded this from Scrappin' Hens store, it cost $1.50 to download but I will have it to use forever. 
Here is what it looked like when I downloaded it.  Please excuse the shadows I took the pictures at night...well I wanted to show you what it looked like but blogger is stuck today.  I will try to come back and up-load it later.  So I was working on this project last night and my husband and dog were waiting for me to come watch TV with them.  (Apparently they can not watch TV by themselves) I was going to velcro the top together and put a flower on it, when hubby walked in to my scrapbook room, grabbed a binder clip attached it to the top and said "there, done" I think it looks really cute so I am leaving it like that!  Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Fabulous idea hun...!

    hugs Vicky xx

  2. That is soooo cute. I just LOVE that!!! Especially the part about an upset parent. Hhahaha.


  3. Super fun!


  4. Adorable, I would love to get one of these! Great gift!

  5. Such a FUN idea! TFS!
    Sherrie K

  6. I'mm back....Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you:)
    Sherrie K

  7. Love it, you are right $1.50 is TOTALLY worth it!

  8. Great job. She is going to love it.


"When the trees their summer splendor
Change to raiment red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year."
- Carol L. Riser, Autumn